Black and white picture of a man's hands standing at a table and drawing on sketches of a Scan 87 wood stove

Meet the designers of Scan Stoves’ modern fireplaces

“Danish design” is one of the founding values of Scan Stoves and we maintain a constant focus on innovation and forward-thinking. It requires the intuition and passion of the very best designers to be a leader in an industry that produces heat-generating items of furniture. Designers who see what trends are on the rise, who create features that inspire, captivate and put functionality and user experience front and centre. Those who are not afraid to challenge.

Warm Danish design

Our fireplace inserts and wood burning stoves are designed exclusively by Danish designers to deliver the clean, sleek lines that are typically Danish and characterise all fireplaces and stoves from Scan. In-house product developers ensure that the combustion technology meets the high standards of quality associated with Scan products and provides the beautiful view of the flames that we always aim for as a fireplace manufacturer.

To sum up, we produce fireplace inserts and stoves that combine award-winning design with the very latest combustion technology. This unparalleled combination is incorporated into all our clean-burning products. Whether you’re looking for a built-in fireplace, wood burning stove or soapstone stove, you can be certain that the design and performance of the product are based on a well-thought-through idea and philosophy.

The designers creating modern fireplaces in the spirit of Scan

Who are the creative minds behind many of our successful designs?
Here is a brief presentation:

Harrit & Sørensen

The Harrit & Sørensen design studio was founded by Thomas Harrit and Nicolai Sørensen and has a long and solid history. The studio provides product development services to clients in a range of sectors around the globe and has won a number of awards for its work. Its first product success was the KNAX coat and hat rack, which is now marketed worldwide.

The company’s philosophy is that design should make a difference. When creating, it looks at the big picture: The whole people experience. The individual product as a whole. The product line as a unit. The concept between the idea and the company’s identity.

Harrit & Sørensen has designed a number of wood burning stoves for Scan Stoves over the years and has won the “Build it award” and the “Red Dot design award” several times for our work together.


White fireplace Scan 66 with square stands in a white bedroom with large windows by a bed

The Scan 66 range


The Scan 66 range was an innovation in the industry with its egg-shaped design and beautiful glass details.


SCAN 66-4

“Scan 66 draws its inspiration from nature. The organic shape of the stove frames the fire in a beautiful and holistic way.”


Harrit & Sørensen
Black fireplace Scan 68 burning in a white room with a cognac-colored chair and a pallet table next to it

The Scan 68 range


The Scan 68 range has become hugely popular and is one of Scan’s best sellers worldwide. Its predecessor, the Scan 58, also received the coveted Red Dot Design Award for its innovative design.


Scan 68-12

“As designers, we love the elliptical shape of the Scan 68. It allows the stove to blend seamlessly and effortlessly into its surroundings.”

Harrit & Sørensen
Large white wood-burning stove Scan 85 with silver-colored handles stands in a rough factory living room with light leather sofa and pouf

The Scan 85 range


The aim of the innovative design of the Scan 85 stove was to provide an impressive and uninterrupted view of the fire and flames. The stove door features cutting-edge technology that excels in terms of design and functionality and was honoured with the Red Dot Design Award in 2011.


Scan 85-2

“The Scan 85 is our first wood burning stove with a focus on the design of the burn chamber. Flames are not square. The burn chamber has therefore been designed like a cave that frames the dancing flames.”

Harrit & Sørensen

Built-in fireplace with aesthetic appeal

Halskov & Dalsgaard Design

Halskov & Dalsgaard DesignThis award-winning design firm was formed and run by Christina Halskov and Hanne Dalsgaard, both on a quest to combine innovative thinking and the unique tradition of Scandinavian design to transform everyday objects into design objects. They have now gone their separate ways and each has her own product design studio. Both women are hugely influential in the Danish design and architecture arena.

Black fireplace insert with flames Scan 1005 recessed into the wall in a white living room with large windows

The design company Halskov & Dalsgaard created our Scan 1000 range. The fireplace inserts were among the first in the industry to feature glass handles, which were completely unique and innovative on the market at that time. The range has been improved and developed several times since then and is characterised by its soft, functional and unobtrusive design – typical of the Danish design tradition.

The focus is on aesthetic appeal, innovation and functionality. The result is a feminine design with subtle aesthetics and a beautiful black glass door.


Scan 1005

“Our desire is to create designs that enhance the quality of life and we are always curious about what is happening in the world.” “The fireplace has a light and beautiful appearance, whether the fire is lit or not.”

Halskov & Dalsgaard

Fireplace with a clear view of the flames


Niels Kjeldsen Design

Niels Kjeldsen Design specialises in branding and product design and has won the Red Dot Design Award, the Danish Design Award, the Formland Design Award and other prestigious design awards. High functionality and simplicity are the studio’s signature style and its client list includes Stelton, Bang & Olufsen, Samsung, Carlsberg, Bosch and Georg Jensen - and now Scan too. 

Large black fireplace Scan 87 In light green room with bright design furniture, a black console table and large plant in the corner

Niels Kjeldsen has put his distinctive stamp on the Scan 87, a free-standing, large, clean-burning stove.

Scan 87 Floor



This is what he says about the end results:

“I think the Scan 87 is a successful design, where functionality and aesthetic elegance are perfectly balanced. Both the floor-standing and wall-mounted versions work well in many different interior settings and will fill many homes with joy every day. Not only will you enjoy the heat it generates, you’ll have a fantastic view of the flames too.” 

Niels Kjeldsen

Modern fireplace combined with the hygge trend

The Danes love design and cosiness, and Scan’s modern fireplaces and wood burning stoves fit perfectly into both these categories. And honestly, if you are going to spend most of the winter indoors sitting in front of a fireplace with a cup of tea, that fireplace really ought to be a beautiful piece of designer furniture from Scan Stoves.


Scan’s designer fireplaces and wood burning stoves