Black fireplace Scan 87 and log Red Dot Award Winner 2022 in light green interior with light brown sofa and recliner

Scan 87 wins Red Dot Design Award 2022

Scan stoves are the proud winners of this prestigious design prize in the Product Design category, with the Scan 87 wood burner, from Niels Kjeldsen Design.

Red Dot Design Award

The Red Dot Design Award is an international design competition that each year makes awards in three different categories: Product Design, Brands & Communication Design and Design Concept.

The jury comprises some 50 experts from a variety of disciplines from around the world. They test, discuss and assess each product individually. Participants in the Product Design category are assessed on criteria such as aesthetics, functionality, innovation and, not least, outstanding design.

A Red Dot Award is clear proof of design excellence, and we are proud and grateful to be able to add Scan 87 to the list of winners.

Scan 87 – the wood burner that balances aesthetics and practicality

For most of us, a wood burner has a number of key functions in the home. It must provide heat, be easy to use, be visually attractive and also work as a natural focal point in the room. With its curved lines, intuitive air controls and 160 degree view of the flames, Scan 87 fulfils all of these criteria.

Scan 87 is a large, clean-burning stove with ample space for wood. With a focus on aesthetics and user-friendliness, including a cool glass handle, simple ash removal and, of course, efficient heating, Scan 87 combines reputable Danish design and smart functionality at its best.

A modern expression of Scan’s DNA

Niels Kjeldsen is a graduate of the Danish Design School and has operated the Niles Kjeldsen Design bureau since 2003. His signature style is simple and functional, which is reflected in his work on Scan 87.

In close collaboration with Scan stoves, there was a common objective of creating a new wood burner with a modern appearance, firmly rooted in Scan’s DNA.

Kjeldsen explains: “I was awe-struck when I was commissioned by Scan to design a completely new wood burner. This new stove had some very specific requirements – it had to have a large combustion chamber and visibility of the flames should be as wide as possible.”

Smart details and industrial elegance

Scan 87 offers many functional details with finesse.

Large black wood stove Scan 87 Floor in green room with light brown sofa and light oak table

A guillotine door that elegantly slides up and down is just one of the design elements that, in combination, made Scan 87 an innovative and user-friendly wood burner. Kjeldsen describes the design language as industrial, but also accommodating.

Detail image of Black wood stove Scan 87 with glass handle and wood in the background

The handle on the door is another detail that distinguishes it from other models. Since the stove has a very large heat output, traditional solutions were challenging in terms of both design and functionality. Kjeldsen wanted to maintain symmetry. This resulted in an integrated central handle, made from non-heat-conductive glass that stays clean in use.

Detail image of Black wood stove Scan 87 with lifting door in light green room with black aluminum shelf and wood in the background

Kjeldsen describes the door’s functionality as a stroke of genius that Scan’s engineers can take credit for. It moves silently, elegantly and effortlessly up and down. As well as being an aesthetic design element, the construction also helps reduce smoke in the room when lighting the fire.

The Scan 87 series consists of two models

There are two models in the Scan 87 range, including a wall-mounted model that appears to float over the floor.

Sometimes you want go "all in". Scan 87 is a large stove that gives you lots of heat, a heavy and solid impression and becomes the natural focus of the room.

  • Red Dot Award winner 2022
  • 160 degree view to the flames
  • Curved guillotine door
  • Large wood stove and lots of heat

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 Scan 87 Wall which serves flames almost picturesquely floating. 

  • 160 degree view to the flames
  • Curved guillotine door
  • Large wood stove and lots of heat

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