Gray sofa in modern white home with large white fireplace Scan 5003 FR with flames

Inviting corner fireplace with a generous ceiling height

In a place which offers both a summer paradise and easy access to the ski slopes in winter, Elin and her family have created their dream home in Vollen. With cold winter evenings in mind, a corner fireplace was high on their list of wants for their minimalistic semi-detached home. A modern fireplace is not only perfect during those cold, dark winter months; it will also give you a warm, fuzzy feeling inside and invite you to relax and cozy up to those closest to you, even when the fire isn’t lit.

Elin (46) lives in a semi-detached house in idyllic Vollen in Asker, Norway, with her three children. The new-build semi-detached house is situated in the countryside, close to the great outdoors, the sea and the city.

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When Elin decided to move into a new home, she had a number of criteria as regards the type of area she and her family wanted to settle in. Elin, who works in Oslo, wanted her new home to be close to the city.  For her active family, with three adolescent children, it was also important to have a place they could explore close to natureShe grew up in the countryside close to the sea and Vollen offered everything the family wanted. 

The home has good zones 

With a hectic job and a large family, a new-build semi-detached house was the perfect choice. With three adolescent children in the house, dividing the house into zones was also a good solution. The kitchen on the ground floor is next to a TV room, which provides a functional and pleasant hub where the family can meet when they're not busy doing other things. A cozy lounge on the first floor, with a high ceiling and panoramic windows affording views out across the fjord, also brings nature into the home. This provides space to take a breather and cozy up to a beautiful built-in fireplace.

White corner fireplace Scan 5003 FR with flames in white modern home with gray sofa and round table

The dream of a corner fireplace

When the family moved into the stylish semi-detached house, the aim was to create a sense of coziness, while the contemporary style was spiced up by the family’s own added details. To achieve this, a fireplace was an absolute must. A modern fireplace provides reliable warmth on cold winter days and is an alternative source of heat in a chaotic energy market, not to mention a warmth-giving piece of furniture which invites people to come together and relax.

Elin wanted a corner fireplace with a view from two sides, which was also not too big. She got help from her local Scan dealer to realize her fireplace dream. She eventually opted for the Scan 5003 FR, a fireplace insert which is attractive and has a clean and simple design – perfect for a modern home. In a minimalist and modern home with a high ceiling, it can be a good idea to use flames and fireplace warmth to create a cozier look - and beautiful dancing flames are one of Scan stoves’ main goals when we develop our fireplaces, wood stoves and fireplace inserts.

Gray sofa in modern white home with large white fireplace Scan 5003 FR with flames

Built-in fireplaces customized to suit your lounge

The fireplace surround was specially designed with the help of the dealer and the Scan 5003 FR fireplace insert was installed at a pleasant eye level, with a good view from the sofa corner. A corner fireplace with a light burning chamber and a landscape view of the flames, which offers a truly relaxing and enchanting sight to feast your eyes upon. The fact that it is also designed to provide heat over an extensive area makes this insert an ideal choice for homes with a modern open-plan solution.

White corner fireplace Scan 5003 FR with flames in white modern home with gray sofa and round table

Det er i kontrastene magien oppstår – og en stor moderne peis tilfører det nybygde og moderne huset sjel, kos og god atmosfere.

It is in the contrasts that the magic arises, and a large modern fireplace gives a new and modern home soul, coziness and a delightful atmosphere.

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