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Accessories for installation of wood stoves and fireplaces

Scan's installation products and accessories are manufactured by Jøtul Accessories, which is Scandinavia’s largest manufacturer and supplier of quality accessories for stoves, fireplaces, and chimneys. The range of products is extensive, spanning from flue pipes and other installation products to chimney rehabilitation and accessories for wood and floor protection.

Flue pipes and transitions

When you choose a fireplace or wood stove from Scan you’ll get a modern wood stove in a stylish Danish designed fireplace with functions and accessories tailored to you. Choose the best finish for your Scan wood stove from an extensive range of high quality accessories such as flue pipes and transitions in colours that perfectly match your product.

  • Flue outlet: Used for element chimneys
  • Flue liner: Used for brick chimneys.
  • Flue pipe: Top or rear mounted. For top mounting, we recommend a fully bent or 3-part 90 degree elbow
  • Moving fiber gaskets: Used to attach flue outlet.
  • Décor: Covers the holes around the flue outlet in the chimney.
Collage of flues and flue outlets

Floor plates

We have a large range of floor plates. These are available in various materials, shapes, and colours. Choose between painted or enameled floor plates in various colours, floor plates in clear or coloured glass. There are also specially shaped floor plates for virtually all models, where the shape of the fireplace informs the shape of the floor plate and completes the stove’s design.

The plate should cover at least 30cm in front of the stove.

Fireplaces that are ‘open’ underneath should stand on a plate.

‘Closed’ fireplaces can have a front plate.

Your dealer can give you more information about the various floor plate options. 

Collage of floorboards for a wood-burning stove or fireplace

Fireproof wall plates

A fireproof wall plate can replace a traditional brick fireproof wall and can easily be attached with special glue or screws. The plates are surface treated with tile adhesive before being treated with paint or structured paint such as micro cement. The plates can also be covered with decorative stone, tiles and similar. These plates can also be used on the walls when installing fireplace inserts and are easy to cut and handle.

Fire wall plate for mounting behind a wood-burning stove or fireplace

Steel chimneys

“Fireplace without a chimney” – not all homes have a traditional brick built chimney, in this case  a steel chimney provides a great option for simple installation of a new fireplace.

Steel chimneys can be installed almost anywhere you want around the home, and work with all fireplaces, all kinds of fuel, saunas, cabins and houses. They fit just as well in new as in old buildings.

You can fit several fireplaces to a standard steel chimney (non-ventilated chimney), and they are easy to install in existing buildings. The chimney system can be angled and extended so that the stove can be placed exactly where you want it.

As well as the standard colours of black, gray and white, you can get many of them in whatever colour you want.

Contact one of our expert dealers to get a steel chimney safely installed in your home.

Drawing of a house with many different types of fireplaces and chimneys

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Ventilation grates for fireplaces

When you build an in-built fireplace or install a new fireplace insert in an old fireplace, it is important to have vents. They prevent the fireplace insert from overheating while distributing heat through the room. Talk to your dealer about what requirements there are for your particular installation.

White living room in apartment with fireplace and vents in black

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Ropes and gaskets

After a few years of use, it’s a good idea to maintain optimal ventilation in your wood stove, fireplace and fireplace insert by changing the gasket on the inside of the door. Various thicknesses of gaskets are available for different fireplace doors; your dealer can help you to find the right one. Find your nearest store to buy the right gasket for your fireplace.

Security gates for children

A fireplace gate is perfect if you have young children you want to protect from the fire. With our dealers you’ll find flexible solutions that increase safety and keep little fingers out of the fireplace. 

Fence to put around the wood stove or fireplace

Remember also:

  • Fireplace set in matching colours
  • Wood fired boiler in matching colours, leather, or fabric
  • Firelighters
  • Glass cleaner
Collage of wood basket fireplace set, kindling briquettes