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Why Are Wood Burning Stoves So Popular?

Heating our homes as we all know is vital for us to be comfortable during the colder months of the year and even though many still use central heating units and boilers, wood burning stoves are becoming increasingly popular. Here are just a few reasons new fireplace inserts are gaining popularity today.

Take advantage of an old fireplace space

Many properties especially the older homes often still have an existing traditional open fireplace in the main living room, in larger homes it’s also not unusual to find at least two downstairs and others on the first floor in bedrooms for example. Over time these fireplaces will most certainly have begun to deteriorate making them dangerous to use, and even more rarely will they be used as the main heating option for the whole house. Wood burning fireplace inserts can utilise the same chimney stacks as existing open fireplaces, but an additional flue is simply placed inside it. The flue which will need to be installed by a qualified installer, will need to be placed in a safe and sturdy chimney stack. Again, it’s always recommended that a professional looks over any existing chimney to make sure it is sound to use and not in need of additional repairs.  The internal flue for the wood stove insert will secure the space and make it safe once again to contend with an outlet for the smoke and heat. A fireplace insert can easily be fitted to any existing fireplace to offer optimal heating ability for a beautiful fire all winter long.

Energy Efficiency

Homeowners are now even more energy conscious in searching out efficient options for heating their home. As oil prices have soared and all fuel energy costs continuing to increase in recent years the average homeowner now invests up to half of the overall expenses of running a home on utility costs. Wood burning fireplace inserts are becoming a good alternative and economic option for homeowners. The clean burn technology in modern fireplace inserts equally means they are more efficient than ever before.

Open fireplaces have never actually been a very efficient way to heat a home. In general terms the nature of an old-style fireplace allows draughts to create an inefficient model for heating, certainly heat can be felt just in front of the fire itself, but it has an inability to truly radiate heat for efficient heating throughout the average sized home.

Wood burning fireplace inserts however, can be fitted specifically into the old open fireplace space and offer an almost draught free heating experience. The average fireplace insert maintains an estimated efficiency of around 70% with some ranging up to 99% efficiency. This means a cost-effective method of heating as more heat is permeated from the unit instead of through costly draughts. Homeowners can significantly reduce their dependence upon electricity with a well-equipped efficient wood burning fireplace insert.

Power cuts

Climate changing conditions continue worldwide and it’s no secret that natural disasters are now hitting in areas that previously enjoyed mild weather conditions. Stronger storms regularly cause power outages due to wind or even flooding, so being prepared for breaks in electricity is now becoming a real consideration. Ideally no one should ever be without a source of non-electricity-based heat. Wood burning fireplace inserts or gas fireplace inserts reflect a self-sufficient mindset and provide a constant heat source no matter what is going on weather wise.

Easy to Use

On occasion some people have expressed a concern over a ‘hassle factor’ for not changing fireplaces and site the fact that a wood burning fireplace insert requires more than just a flip of a switch which is all that an existing electric fire unit need. It seems easier to simply turn on the standard electric fire and pay the bill. However, people don’t realise that fireplace inserts are easier to use now than ever before.  A wood burning fireplace insert is easy to light, easy to maintain with ash removal systems and once lit controllable to simply keep the proper airflow within the unit and a perfect radiant heat will be felt throughout your room. Once you get this routine down, you will find that the benefits of a fireplace insert far outweigh any negatives you may have been told.

A wood burning fireplace insert is a popular option for those who already have a fireplace space available. Taking advantage of a ready-made existing area and simply turning that space into a more efficient way to heat the home. You cannot go wrong with a fireplace insert and that is why so many throughout the UK are now utilising this economic, easy, and beautiful source of heat.