Sort peisinnsats Scan 5004 FR i et lyst rom med store hvite vinduer

Design your own fireplace

Imagine your dream fireplace – a beautiful design installation and warming core of the home that upscales and works along with the style you have created in your home. - What would it look like? Is it large or small, is it integrated into the wall, a corner fireplace or room divider?
Here is our guide to how you can create your dream fireplace.

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Find inspiration for your new fireplace

All homes are of different shapes and sizes, but your personal design preferences and interior style are of course the most important factor when you choose your new fireplace. Maybe you’ve seen photographs in interior design magazines or online, or when visiting friends?

Do your own research and find out which fireplaces you prefer, either with the aid of our product pages, the inspiration channel Pinterest or Google. You can then take the pictures to show your dealer. Or visit your nearest dealer and get inspiration from our showrooms.

Scan stoves only uses Danish designers when we develop our fireplaces, both to preserve our genuine Danish design philosophy and to create beautiful warmth-giving furniture which goes hand-in-hand with the latest design trends.

Which fireplace should I choose?

Design is becoming an increasingly important factor, and large fireplace designs with glass on the front or on two or three sides are very much in fashion at the moment. The design choices are many and the range extensive:

Black fireplace insert Scan 1005 with glass on the front
Flush fireplace wih large view
Slim black fireplace insert Scan 1008 with glass on two sides
Narrow corner fireplace
Black fireplace insert Scan 5003 with glass on the front and right side
Wide corner fireplace
Black fireplace insert Scan 5004 FRL with glass on three sides
Glass on three sides
Black fireplace insert Scan DSA 12 with transparency
View through the fireplace

With a fireplace insert, it will be built in and you can add design elements entirely according to your own wishes and the space you have available.

Extensive glass surfaces with a good view of the flames create a uniquely relaxing atmosphere. Yet this solution also provides plenty of heat. Follow our guide to the various fireplace inserts you can choose from when you choose a modern fireplace.

A fireplace painted yellow in a white room with a kitchen on one side and a sofa on the other
You can also paint the fireplace and the surround can be painted in any color you like too.

The details which provide the finishing touches

There are never-ending possibilities when we customize a fireplace to suit your home. Some people have very specific ideas about what they want their fireplace to look like, while others prefer to have some suggestions and help along the way. Our dealers are ready to help you achieve your goals no matter what.

Here are some design details to consider:

How high up should the fireplace insert be installed?

The answer to this question largely revolves around where and how you will use your fireplace.

Fireplace inserts used to be installed at a relatively low height, just 50-60 cm from the floor, which makes it easy to put logs on the fire and also offers a good view from the sofa.

These days, more and more people want a view of the flames from around the room and therefore decide to position the insert higher up on the wall, often 80-90 cm above the floor.

three-part picture showing different heights at which the fireplace insert can be placed

A good method for determining how high you should place your fireplace insert is to sit in the sofa corner, in the dining room or somewhere else where you will want to enjoy the flames from. You can then measure where your eye level is from the relevant chairs and look across to roughly the center of the fireplace glass. You can either choose one of these or take the average of the two.

Fireplace height

Should the fireplace surround extend all the way to the ceiling?

More and more people want their insert surround, which makes up the “wall part” of the fireplace, to extend all the way from the floor to the ceiling. This gives a slim, neat and harmonious look without too many lines.

Where is the chimney located?

Where is the chimney in relation to the area where you will want to view the fire from? Which side of the chimney do you want to place the new installation on? If you want to move the installation to a completely different place in the lounge or home, you will need to install a steel chimney. Speak to our experts, who will help you achieve your goals.

Glass on several sides?

Would you prefer a fireplace with glass on one, two or three sides?

Most fireplace inserts with glass on two sides are available in both left- and right-hinged versions. Find out more about the various types of fireplace insert that are available.

Fireplace insert with lift-up door Scan 5005 with a fig plant and parts of a window in the background
Scan 5004 FRL has a lift door

Do you have any preferences as regards the door solution?

Do you dream of a fireplace with a lift door, one which is integrated almost entirely into the wall, or should it be hinged on the right or the left?

Fireplace surround with wood niche
Plan a wood niche in the fireplace surround

How about a wood niche?

How large should it be? Should it have one or more shelves for storing wood? Should it be open, or would you prefer to hide the firelighting accessories in an integrated drawer or similar?

Sitting area next to the fireplace?

Do you want a bench next to the fireplace?

If you do, you should incorporate it into your design at an early stage in the process.

A good air supply means beautiful flames

All fireplaces need air in order to work and you should be aware that fireplaces need visible air vents and, in some cases, an extra external air supply. Here are our expert dealers who will help you to achieve the perfect flames when you light your fire.

Modern fireplaces and the construction process

There are also a number of technical considerations to take into account when installing a fireplace or insert, such as how large the fireplace can be and whether you will need to make any alterations to your home or upgrade your chimney. Our network of dealers is ready to help you with these aspects.

You will find answers to many of the practical questions here

Article about frequently asked questions when installing wood stoves and fireplaces

Our dealers will help you on your way from dream to finished fireplace

Our experienced dealers are ready to assist you with their expert knowledge and answer any questions you may have. It is a good idea to have an experienced fireplace installer on your side, both during the design process itself and when you install your fireplace.

Two-part picture of the road from sketch to finished fireplace in a bright living room
Bring a sketch or some photos when you visit the dealer

Why not take along a sketch or some pictures showing what you want your finished fireplace to look like, so that your dealer can help you achieve your dream fireplace?

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