The Perfect Guide to Buying a Wood Stove

The enjoyment of a wood burning stove can be felt throughout the home. Radiant heat coming from the perfectly secured fire is among the most reliable and efficient heat sources on the planet. If central heating or other heating solutions have let you down, a wood burning stove might be the ideal option for your home. Buying a wood stove adds value to your life as well as the home, but it pays to have a little education before heading out to your local wood stove retailer. Here is what you need to know in the perfect guide to buying a wood stove.


One of the first things to consider when choosing to purchase a wood stove is the size needed. An average home can be heated remarkably well with a smaller unit. Larger homes will require larger units or even multiple units depending on the layout.

There should also be consideration as to how much of the home is intended to be heated. Although most homeowners will likely want to heat the entire home, some prefer to utilize a small unit for one or two rooms. In older draughty homes, this is generally ideal as modern heating systems do not always adequately heat outlying rooms.

Before heading out to your wood stove retailer, ensure that you know the size and even the age of the home. This knowledge can better assist their team with finding the right options for your situation.

Access to Wood

Even though wood stoves are not as simple as setting the temperature on an electric unit, homeowners do not seem to mind the fact that they will have to keep up with a fire. Homeowners do however need to consider their options for access to wood. Land owners can simply cut down a fresh supply of wood when needed, but those living within the city may have to find a wood supplier.

With the growing demand for wood stoves, more companies are heeding the call for access to wood. As of today, there are few places that do not have available access to wood from companies that continually replace trees cut down for the supply. That means that there are always new trees growing making wood the ideal solution for any homeowner’s heating needs.

Flue Needs

All wood burning stoves require two main ingredients. The first is fresh air brought in from the outside that creates a draught to provide necessary oxygen for the unit. This feeds the flame and allow it to burn bright and hot with a large flame. The flame is controlled by opening or closing the feed holes for dampening or increasing the flame. Closing off the holes dampens the flame offering a lower temperature when required.

The second main need for a wood burning stove is to allow the excess heat to escape through the flue. Older homes may have an existing chimney that can be fitted with a new stove for increased efficiency. A fitted pipe is simply ran up through the existing flue.

Even if the home does not have an existing flue, a homeowner can still utilize a wood stove. A wood stove installer can recommend where to put the flue and how it should vent from the unit. They might recommend venting through the top of the home, but the flue may also be installed on the side of the home as well.

Wood Storage

The efficiency of a wood stove is increased by the fact that lots of wood can be stored for use throughout the colder months. Proper wood storage is always essential and should be considered before a unit is purchased. Whether the homeowner intends on cutting their own wood or purchasing cut wood from an outside resource, the wood needs to be kept dry.

For the woodcutter, a large place is not only needed to store seasoned wood, but also wood that is being seasoned. Proper outdoor storage includes a covered area to keep the wood dry as well as a raised platform to allow the wood to breathe while being stored. The platform need only be about a foot off the ground with ample supports to support the weight of the wood pile.

Anyone seeking a perfect heating source for their home will benefit greatly from a wood burning stove. Apart from being among the most efficient heating sources, they have been designed to be the centerpiece of the home. Homeowners can now choose from a variety of designs and styles to perfectly fit with their individual style. Have heat when you want it even when other heat sources are subject to the power grid. Demand for these units is increasing with each passing year, so invest in your new wood burning stove today and enjoy radiant heat when you want it.