Do you have an old Scan fireplace or wood burning stove?

There are many old Scan stoves, fireplace inserts and fireplaces still spreading warmth around many homes. Fireplaces from Scan stoves are created to be both a beautiful piece of design as well as to last for many years. But to heat optimally, all fireplaces need a bit of care once in a while, so we’ve put together our most frequently asked questions to help you.

Black wood stove in an older home

How old is my wood burning stove?

If you’re wondering how old your Scan stove is, or what model it is, you can look for a type approval that will tell you what model it is. If your wood burning stove, fireplace, or fireplace insert is less than 10 years old, you can find information about it on our documentation site. If your fireplace is older, you can take some photos of it and bring them or send them to your nearest Scan dealer so they can help you further.

If the fireplace is of an older generation, you can find manuals for discontinued wood stoves, fireplaces and fireplace inserts from Scan. Or you can take some pictures of it and take them with you or send them to your nearest Scan dealer, and they can help you further.

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Is my stove a clean burning wood stove?

According to government requirements, stoves and fireplaces sold by dealers after 01.07.1998 must be clean burning. You can usually tell by looking for the characteristic holes for secondary combustion which are pierced either in a baffle or the rear plate in the fireplace’s chamber. If you are in doubt, you can bring or send a picture of the stove to your dealer so they can help you.

Can I convert my old stove into a clean burning wood stove?

It is not possible to convert a non-clean burning wood stove or fireplace to a clean burning one. As these non-clean burning stoves are highly polluting you should consider replacing it with a newer model. Take a look at Scan’s wood stoves, fireplace inserts and fireplaces with cutting edge combustion technology.

Technical drawing for parts of the fireplace door

I need new parts for my wood stove or fireplace

If you are missing parts or parts have been worn down or destroyed in your stove then our skilled network of dealers can help you find and order the right replacement parts.

If the burner plates in the stove, the stove insert or the fireplace have been damaged or need to be replaced, you can contact the dealer who will help you order new ones, and also install them for you, if you wish.

Wood-burning stove Scan 84 with black glass door in a bright interior

I need an instruction manual for my old wood stove

Do you have a fairly new wood stove, fireplace or insert from Scan that you need manuals for?

Then there are several places to look:

Old wood stove from the 90s

I need user manuals for Scan discontinued models

Do you have an older model of wood-burning stove, fireplace or fireplace insert from Scan for which you need a user manual?

If there are old wood stoves, fireplaces or fireplace inserts that we stopped producing more than 10 years ago, you can find it in the overview of discontinued products from Scan.

Hands turning a screw in a wood stove

My wood stove or fireplace is broken and needs a service

Our dealers are skilled and have fireplaces as their field of expertise, they are always helpful in assisting you with any challenges you may have with your fireplace, wood stove or chimney. They also help you find spare parts for your fireplace.

My wood burning stove doesn’t heat very well anymore.

If there are changes in the heat output of your fireplace, the first thing you should investigate is whether the chimney and flue pipe are clean. Another reason could be changes in the weather and your chimney being cold, and it may just need a bit longer to heat up while you’re burning wood. If your wood burning stove or fireplace is old, it might need an inspection from one of our dealers who can easily help with all your problems linked to burning or wood. Contact your nearest store using the dealer locator. If you want to learn more about how to burn wood, we have lots of tips to help you.

Wood-burning stove Scan 84 with black glass door in a bright interior

I want to swap my old wood stove for a new one

If you find that your current fireplace is no longer meeting your heating needs, or you're simply dreaming of a beautiful new fireplace, you are always welcome to contact our expert dealers. They will help you to find solutions that suit both your home’s heating needs and your fireplace design wishes.

Old wood stove from the 90s

Can I move my old stove?

You can move or reinstall a wood stove you have in your home for maintenance and repair reasons. However, you cannot install a stove that is not clean burning. Contact your nearest Scan showroom expert who can help you determine whether your stove or fireplace can be resold or should be recycled.

Can I sell my old stove?

We advise against reselling stoves with old burning technology as they cannot be fitted in new installations. Older fireplaces release more particles during burning than new clean burn wood stoves and fireplaces with cutting edge technology. However, please be aware that you cannot fit non clean burning stoves or fireplaces into new installations. So, if you’re in the market for one, be careful. If your stove is relatively new and you are completely sure that it is clean burning you can resell your wood stove.

Old, not clean-burning wood stove with open doors

Where can I throw out an old wood stove?

If you are discarding your old wood stove, it should be taken to a recycling center.

If your old wood stove had MOM documentation, this contains a separate description of “treatment of waste”.

Some of our dealers also offer to take away your old stove when they install a new one. Ask them about this option when you arrange installation of a new fireplace.

If you have more questions, or a specific problem you need help with, you can contact one of our experienced dealers.