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How to Select a Modern Wood Burning Stove

Wood burning stoves are beautiful and heat homes like no other forms of heating available, but homeowners can sometimes find it difficult to select their perfect unit. There is a lot to think about when choosing the stove that is right for your style and character of your home, so we would like to offer some tips and advice.

How Much Heat Do You Require?

This is the first thing to think about when considering buying a contemporary wood burning stove. Modern stoves put out a considerable amount of heat and knowing the size of your space or room will help determine what size unit is necessary to heat it efficiently. Depending on your specific heating needs, generally you should estimate 1 kilowatt for every 10 to 15 square meters of space. Measure your interior space and don’t forget to account for any outlying rooms. Depending on the location of these rooms, additional units may need to be purchased, but if you have open plan living you should look at this as total area. In the case of merely needing heat for one room, just measure that specific room/space needing the heat.


A unit’s location will determine how well it heats the home. A central location provides optimal heating and most homes are built around a central room. This area should have good ventilation and not be overcrowded with furniture. A wood burning stove requires room to breathe, your local dealer or installer can recommend the ideal location it should be sited, and the type of ventilation needed for it.

Fresh Air Needs

Fresh air is an essential need for any wood burning stove and this can be a confusing statement. The stove will require a fresh air inlet to allow the flame to be fed properly. Temperature is controlled through this fresh airway and when the valve is opened completely, the unit gives off the highest form of heat. Conversely, when the valve is closed, the unit’s flames are diminished for lower heat ability. Installers utilise either a direct air inlet system or provide fresh air directly from the inside of the building.

Stove or Insert

All homes are different in style, shape and size so it stands to reason that each has differing heating requirements. Many homes have existing fireplaces, so its easy for homeowners to simply replace with an up to date wood burning stove for up to 80% more heating efficiency. Those that do not have an existing fireplace can opt for a stand-alone unit or create an opening in an existing wall for an insert style stove. Both options come with many style choices each providing a stunning and heat efficient stylish look.

Style requisite

When choosing a modern wood burning stove for your home, style is of course a major consideration. Like any addition to our homes we want it to reflect the character of our property as well as reflect our own personality, style and flair in décor. In the past wood stoves were merely there for functionality and had a job to do, so there was little thought of style. Essentially a stove was nothing more than a large black block of iron used for both cooking and heating. Today, things are quite different.

Award winning Designers from the world of interior design and architecture are now involved with the aesthetics of wood stoves, working closely with key manufacturers like ourselves to create beautiful pieces of ‘Heating Furniture’ to enhance your homes. The first thought generally when considering a new stove is not only style but colour. Here again times have changed, a vast array of colours from subtle greys and champagne tones, crisp brilliant whites through to dazzling red now provides every colour to coordinate with your rooms décor. Equally finishes of handles, additional side windows, natural stone cladding and with or without side windows – the choices are only as limited as your imagination. 

Think of the Future

An investment in a wood burning stove is a smart one. These units will likely last for the life of your home and it is important to think of the future as well. Currently, you may not even be considering selling your home, but times and circumstances change. A modern wood burning stove adds significant value to a home as certainly fuel costs would be one consideration of buyers - wood burning is a preferred choice and more homeowners are turning to stoves as an economical heating option.


The cost consideration is clearly part of the buying process. Comparing central heating by oil, electricity or gas is a natural comparison. Often however, customers don’t take into consideration additional costs attached to central heating like maintenance, repair, annual inspections etc. A standard heater/boiler unit costs about the same as a wood burning stove, but maintenance costs can mount quickly. When looking at units, always keep in mind that the purchase price is just a fraction of what you will save from heating with a modern wood burning stove.Wood burning stoves are beautiful and practical for any home.