How Can a Wood Stove Save You Money?

The costs to heat a home are continually rising. The average homeowner and tenant can pay thousands in monthly expenses to keep the home running as it should.

Much of that cost will be spent on the heating bill. This is especially true when the temperature approaches freezing and beyond. Most homeowners believe that the most efficient way to save money on heating costs is to set the thermostat and leave it alone, but the standard central heating unit is not as efficient as a wood stove. A wood stove is one of the oldest forms of modern heat and has proven to save homeowners a lot of money in various ways. Here are just some of the ways that adding a new wood stove to your home will help you out in your bank account.

Wood is Affordable

There are a lot of things that people spend money on each month and as time goes by, you can clearly see the effects of inflation as prices rise. Wood however is among the cheapest resources around. Wood is always in abundance and is among the cheapest fuel sources on the planet. When properly stored and seasoned, wood can last through the winter and even longer. Dense woods such as elm, cherry, and ash burn for quite a long time and even offer a pleasant scent when burned.

Maintenance Costs

One of the largest costs to a central heating system can be the maintenance to the system. Even the best central heating unit on the market must be maintained. Filters for the system cost money each month and vary in costs depending on the type and brand of the unit. Annual inspections also cost a considerable amount and should there be an issue with the unit, parts to fix the problem can cost a lot as well. Sometimes, the parts, depending on what they are and what is covered by the warranty of the unit, can cost almost as much as a new unit. Those costs add up and there are many different parts that can malfunction on a traditional unit.

A wood stove however is quite different. The basic makeup of the stove is simple. The main cavity holds the wood and the cast iron exterior heats up to warm the room. There are some stoves that have fans or blowers to make the heating process quicker, but even with these enhancements, the parts remain remarkably simple. The only maintenance required for a wood stove is an annual inspection of the unit and sweeping of the flue/chimney by a professional. With an annual maintenance inspection, there is little risk that the stove will fail, so maintaining a wood stove is much cheaper than maintenance on a traditional central heating unit.

Home Value

The focus on this article is on how a wood burning stove can save you money, but one aspect of the cost saving properties of the products that should be addressed is how much value they can add to any home. That might not seem like a cost saving subject, but the value added by selling your home with a ready installed reputable stove can be a big selling point advantage. Even if you are not intent on selling your home anytime soon, it is no secret that our living space needs and requirements can change, so selling is never completely out of the question and a wood stove can help with the sale ability for you.

The property market is a competitive one. The savvy homeowner knows that to stay competitive, their home must have something different from other homes. Most homes do not generally have a backup heat option for when the main power goes out. Those that do tend to rely on gas which can be expensive and even turn some buyers off completely due to the possibility of gas leaks. The wood stove offers a beautiful addition to any home and has the added bonus of being among the safest forms of heating. Buyers look kindly on homes that have a wood stove both for the aesthetic reasons as well as the practical ones.

The costs of heating a home are only going to increase just as they have each year. A wood stove is a beautiful addition to any home and the radiant heat that comes from the unit will make a home feel warm and cozy throughout. The stoves come in various sizes as well so whether the home to be heated is a large space or just a simple cottage it is easy to find the right one just perfect for the job. When others complain about the costs of heating the home, you and your family can smile and enjoy the fact that you can heat your home with a renewable resource that heats better than standard central heating systems and offers the bonus of that comforting scent that only comes from burning wood. Check out the Scan wood burning stove range here.