Five Tips for Installing a Wood Burning Stove

Here are 5 essential tips to ensure you store a wood stove safely and appropriately.

When installing any appliance within your home it is essential that it is done properly. A wood burning stove is especially important as improper installation can not only have negative heating results, it can be dangerous to you and your family as well. It is always best to trust the advice of a trained professional installer and here are some tips to ensure that the job is done right every time for the safety of your home and beloved family.


Today’s stoves are versatile enough to go practically anywhere within a home, but it is important to plan where it is best positioned to suit the specific needs of your family in your individual home. Proper placement of the appliance is key to ensure that the amount of heat being provided is suitable to the size of your space in the most efficient way and does not pose any potential threat to other home furnishings within your room. Any combustible materials that would be near, above or either side of where the stove is being installed, this should be at a safe distance according to the manufacturer’s instructions.  


No matter what type of stove you intend on getting, it will have to have a place to ventilate to the outside of your home. Most people prefer to use their existing flue by retrofitting the new unit into an existing or purpose-built space. This is generally not a problem, but it is important to properly check the flue before installation is to begin. Flues that have been regularly used will still need to be swept clean before any flue liner can be installed. If the flue has not been used for some time, it needs to be checked to ensure that it is structurally sound and does not pose a fire hazard. Use a professional in both cases.


The data plate can seem like an insignificant piece, but rest assured it is very important. Unlike other appliances that generally place the data information on the back of the unit and out of sight, the data plate on your wood burning stove should be easily accessible. The data plate is essential for the maintenance to the unit and those not strictly maintaining the unit may need to know the information on the data plate for safe installation of other equipment within the home. Ensure that the data plate is placed in an easy to read location. It can seem insignificant, but will pay off in the long run.


When you purchase a new stove, there is far more to think about then just what the design or colour of the stove may be. Some homes are quite small and do not require the same amount of power to heat the space. It can often seem more economical to purchase a larger stove than you might need to account for any additions to the home in the future or just to maximise heat, but it can also be a negative. In order for the stove to run at its optimum efficiency you don’t want to under size or oversize. Too much power may cause overheating within the main room of the home as a wood burning stove is far more efficient than a standard fireplace. Likewise, an under powered stove will not serve you well. Normally in the average UK home the heating need would be 1 kilowatt for every 14 cubic metres. The efficiency of a fireplace can be around 10% where the confines of a stove can ensure around a 70% efficiency rating. That is quite a bit of difference, so even if you are used to heating the home with a fireplace, it is always best to ask the opinion of a licensed professional installer before making the final decision on the stove.


When your new unit is installed, the installer will demonstrate the proper way to use and maintain the unit, so you will be well versed in what is to be expected from the maintenance end of the process. However, one area that might not be so apparent is the need for keeping up with the paperwork involved with the maintenance itself. Regular inspections and cleaning is all part of owning one of these highly efficient units and due to past fires from not maintaining the unit, some insurance companies do require that the homeowner keeps updated documentation to ensure that the unit has been maintained in the proper manner in case, for any reason, a house fire were to occur. Failure to keep this information could void your insurance claim.

A wood burning stove is a beautiful addition to any home and the best thing about the ones today is that they can be purchased in a variety of styles to fit with any home décor. Even though the last tip might scare some people, it is important to remember that any fire that may occur from a stove is likely the cause of improper or outdated maintenance. A regularly maintained stove will heat your home for many years and be a beautiful addition to the space as well.