Eight Reasons to Buy Modern Wood Burning Stoves

Just a few reasons why a modern wood stove would be the ultimate complement to your home...

When some people envision a wood burning stove, they immediately think of the old style black stoves that were used to heat homes and cook the food for the family. These stoves have held their place in history perfectly, but they have also become too old fashioned for many people with the invention of modern electric and gas heating appliances. The truth is, a wood burning stove has so many uses within any home, even today. It is time to revitalise this former favourite with a new lease of life. Here are just eight of the reasons why a modern wood burning stove is the best heating idea for any home.


The costs of heating a home are increasing year on year. The average home can spend a large proportion of the monthly expenditure on heating bills alone and the costs keep growing. There is much more in the world that you could be spending your hard earned money on and a wood burning stove can allow you to discover just how much you can save on fuel when you simply switch to a more efficient heating source. Wood is much more inexpensive than other forms of heating fuel and when treated correctly, kept in a dry space, a large load can last for months.


Today, there is more emphasis on the need for renewable resources and with so many people buying electric vehicles and recycling more, there is a need for a renewable heating source. A modern wood burning stove can provide you the renewable heating you require.


A well-appointed home is something that every home owner seeks. They think carefully about every piece of furniture to ensure that the home is beautiful for guests and a comfortable place to be. The new styles of wood burning stoves are not just a block of black iron standing in the corner of the room. They have become beautiful conversation pieces, reflections of your style and personality, in essence ‘heating furniture’ with different styles to choose from, so a focus piece and design statement to your interior décor.

More Heat

When most homes have a central unit, it can be difficult to tell someone that modern wood burning stoves are simply better, but this is true. The heat that comes from a central unit loses a lot of its heating ability when traveling through the duct system. The heat that comes out is not nearly as hot as when it is sent out from the unit. With a wood burning stove, the heat is maintained, as the source is right there. The heat is hotter and disperses into every nook and cranny of the room for a warm, radiant feeling.

Heat more than one space

It is thought that a wood stove only heats one area, but this is not true. The radiant heat from the unit travels up as heat rises and can help to heat even a two story home. Those that have used a modern wood burning stove have claimed that even in two story homes, the heating bills were 25% less when using the stove.


There is a common misconception about wood burning stoves, but much of the misconceptions come from the older units. Safety concerns can be hard to get past when installing a new modern wood burning stove for the first time, but these stoves have become much safer today and the installer will know the best place to put the unit as well as how far away from the wall it should be for safe use. When properly installed and maintained, a modern wood burning stove is among the safest forms of heat source available today.

Always Available

Heating units can fail for a number of reasons. Parts can go out leaving you in the cold for days or even weeks depending on the costs involved in fixing the unit and power outages are another factor as well. These things rarely occur at the most convenient times, but a wood burning stove is made of a simple design that has very few parts to break or malfunction. Wood burning stoves are also vital when other sources of power fail. They are always available for their owners and their owner’s families.


A modern wood burning stove does not have to be a stand-alone unit. It can easily be adapted into any space. That includes, directly into your existing fireplace space. Some homes are just not large enough for a wood burning stove to be installed safely and maintain the space the home owner wants, but they are easily retrofitted and installed into existing fireplaces for a tucked away place to warm the home.

There are so many more reasons for installing a modern wood burning stove, but these eight will get you started thinking about how a one can help your home be more comfortable for you and your family. Get the heating unit that will last for the life of your home today.