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Why Modern Wood Stoves are Good for the Environment

Not only are wood burning stoves the centrepiece of the room, they are remarkably environmentally friendly. We live in a world that is full of environmental concern and it is important that everyone do their part to protect the earth, so investing in a modern wood stove will not only ensure that your family remains comfortable throughout the cold winter months, it will help reduce your family’s environmental footprint. With rising heating costs, it does not hurt to find an alternative heating source that is good for the planet. Here are just some of the ways modern wood stoves benefit the earth.

CO2 Concerns

Burning wood has long been a hot debate where the environment is concerned. Concern comes from the amount of CO2 that is released into the atmosphere when a tree is burned. New research has determined that the amount of CO2 released from burning a tree, is the same as if it were left to rot in the forest naturally. Burning simply speeds up the decomposition process and provides much needed heat for humans, so burning is in fact better for all.

Responsibility in Burning

One of the reasons that some people keep from purchasing a wood stove is due to their concern with forestry. Wood companies used to simply purchase a piece of land, rob the trees, and move onto the next property. That is bad for the environment and such process, over time, would certainly cause tree species to die out.

Luckily, wood companies are now focusing their business on the future of the environment rather than simply living in the here and now. These companies continually plant trees after the mature trees are harvested. It takes many years for their efforts to become profitable, but overtime, the company can have constant trees to cut while others grow.

Built to Last

Even though the fact that wood is a renewable resource is the main reason for the environmentally friendly nature of the stove, it is not the only reason. Appliances were once made to last for many years, but due to the cheapening of many products, appliances today tend to have to be replaced shortly after the warranty runs out. That might be good repeat business for the company, but it is not how wood burning stove companies choose to do business.

Wood stoves are built to last and maintain very little parts to run. Where that might not sound like it has anything to do with the environment, in reality it does. Where the other companies manufacture cheap products, those products end up in landfills and dumps doing harm to the environment while the wood stoves continue to produce clean energy for many years to come.

No Power

Reducing our human impact on the environment means taking time to think about the electrical appliances within the home. More homeowners are utilizing environmentally friendly options for the appliances they purchase, but energy efficiency does little when the unit is still connected to the power grid. Wood stoves never have to be connected to power making them remarkably environmentally friendly. Not to mention, their use can cut your monthly power bills down substantially. With heating costs rising each year, homeowners can spend roughly half of their monthly home expenses on energy payments alone. That in itself should prove that a wood burning stove is the best heating option for both the homeowner and the environment.

Wood burning stoves are among the most efficient appliances available that also assist the environment. With their use, homeowners enjoy more heat while utilizing fewer resources. If your heat primarily comes from an electrical or even gas resource, you could be paying far too much in maintenance and energy costs alone.

With a wood burning stove, an annual inspection and proper cleaning is all that is required to heat the home. With few parts to malfunction and an overabundance of available woods, a wood stove has proven itself throughout time to be the best heating option.

If it has been a while since you have thought about heating your home with a wood stove, you will be pleasantly surprised to know that the old large black cast iron style of stove is a thing of the past. Wood stoves today are designed to be a beautiful addition to any home and come in a variety of colors to choose from. Your stove can look good while also helping the environment.