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Sustainable Heating

Every single wood-burning stove, free-standing fireplace and recessed fireplace insert from Scan is a clean burn appliance, crafted from nature’s own recyclable materials. We have designed our fireplaces to heat your home efficiently for many years to come, bringing you authentic Danish design excellence with a low carbon footprint. Relax by your fireplace and enjoy the warmth and ambience, with all the peace of mind of knowing we’ve taken care of the rest for you.

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How can you make a sustainable difference?



Design and functionality - without compromising the environment

For Scan, home heating is more than a practical or aesthetic focus. We take great pride in the fact that all Scan wood-burning stoves, free-standing fireplaces and built-in fireplace inserts are clean burn. We regard our wood-burners as innovative furniture designed for a modern lifestyle with tough sustainability requirements. 

Here we present some of our most eco-friendly fireplaces, selected according to criteria from “Energismart”, a household energy-efficiency advisory portal from Friends of the Earth Norway under the European TopTen network. All to make it easier for you to make an eco-aware choice in renewable-fuel heating for your own home.

Modern and ingenious

Scan 80-1 has a closed base, while Scan 80-2 has a pratical door for wood storage in the base. Scan 80-1 is also available in white.

  • Elegant prismatic shape
  • Large view to the flames
  • Possibility for heat accumulating stones



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Clean Burn Technology: what is it?

When firewood is heated, the gases and particles naturally stored in logs get released. Whereas old stoves send these gases and particulates straight up the flue pipe together with the precious heat, resulting in output efficiency of just 40 percent, Clean Burn Technology ensures combustion of the gases and particles that are not combusted by old stoves. This results in minimal emissions through the flue pipe, doubles the efficiency and releases more heat for your home.



Large glass panels

Scan 5004 FRL is a large fireplace, which will dominate your room and spread the feeling of luxury. The glass covers three sides. A high end lifting/guillotine door with soft-close mechanism leaves an exclusive impression.

  • Light burn plates
  • Large heating capacity



Tekst om co2 nøytral varme

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Did you know that...

...the way you light the fire in your wood-burning stove affects how eco-friendly the combustion will be?

Our Clean Burn Technology deals with most of the combustion of particles before they leave the flue pipe, but you can actually boost the combustion efficiency even more by lighting a top-down fire.